Where is the Customer Benefit?

Our day-to-day work focuses on the benefits that we can offer with our services and products. Our aim is to enhance your success and to strengthen your position in the market by making use of our services and products.

Low Project Costs

To be competitive in the market low project costs are necessary. We help you to achieve this with our powerful products and comprehensive services.

What does that mean in detail? 

  • Performance-enhanced products (ACOTEC) 
  • Cost-effective coupling design 
  • Flexibility of in-house production 
  • Value addition by providing supplementary services 
  • Cost benefits of regional value addition 

Maximum System Availability

We know: The failure of a drive system is an expensive proposition. Not only are the repairs highly cost-intensive but the downtimes of the ships and systems are also very expensive. Therefore we offer you products with the optimal performance and a long service life.

How do we do it? 

  • Special couplings designed for the system offer protection against a failure of the drive system 
  • Certification by companies providing classification 
  • Tested high level of functional quality 
  • Global service support 24/7 

Low Operational Costs

For you as the ship owner or the shipping operator it is important that the operational costs for running the drive systems are as low as possible. Ideally repairs aren’t necessary, and no components need to be replaced.  

What does VULKAN offer? 

  • Controlled high level of product quality with our own vulcanization process and metal machining 
  • Products tested in-house with certified long service life
  • Low-maintenance drive components
  • Global service support, if required

Future-proof Solutions

We are aware that the components need to be adjusted to the requirements of the drive systems. This is why it is even more important that engine manufacturers can rely in the ability of their suppliers to serve all performance classes. Today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. We at VULKAN know that you invest in us and count on us right from the start.

Why can you rely on us?

  • A wide range of standard products
  • Established competence for alternative designs and solutions
  • A high level of manufacturing depth
  • Several years of expertise for the most diverse drive solutions
  • Future-proof technology such as ACOTEC

Safe Investment

Our couplings have a long-life potential. This means you must be able to rely on us not only today and tomorrow but also in 20 years. Because your engine, drive, ship, or power generation system will continue to be operated for a long time. VULKAN is ready for your tasks, for 130 years. 

Why do we stand by your side in the future?

  • Financial strength of an international group
  • Value foundation of an owner-managed family enterprise
  • Market-oriented corporate strategy
  • Global presence

VULKAN Test Center

Our customers' compliance with leading Navy specifications and requirements is verified and metrologically analyzed on our own test rigs. VULKAN stands for safe, reliable, and comfortable operation of propulsion systems. To ensure this, the unique VULKAN Test Center exists of 16 test benches to simulate all possible operating stages.

New VULKAN couplings during the development phase, as well as standard production couplings are tested here. The quality of the VULKAN couplings is based on the constant exchange between TVC, Test Center and development. Torsional vibration as well as linear vibration are tested on these test benches, and the possible effects of these vibrations within a drive-train are simulated. All important physical values can be tested in the VULKAN Test Center. The VULKAN test stands can apply forces of up to 630,000 N and torque up to 5,000,000 Nm. This corresponds to 63 tons of weight or 3 tour busses or 40 VW Golfs or a total power of 30,000 VW Golfs. The maximum size of the test object is 2.50 meters in diameter, with a maximum length of 14 meters. 

The load of the coupling is greater than it is in normal use. The coupling is also tested under controlled conditions, such as frequency and temperature, tested statically as well as dynamically under realistic load conditions. Life cycle tests, overload tests and destructive tests are also performed.  

The same applies for the elastic mounts. Through its extensive test methods on unique test benches is VULKAN contributing to basic research. Thanks to its reliable test results VULKAN has been instrumental in shaping the determination of configuration regulations of the classification societies.  Based on the outstanding data and many years of experience, VULKAN is able to select the right propulsion system and the right components for every ship. The perfect coupling or flexible mount is developed through close collaboration of all VULKAN technical departments. The precisely analyzed and calculated product properties, ensure the desired level of protection and comfort. 

The high quality of VULKAN couplings is based on the consistent exchange of vibration engineering calculations, test engineering verification and the implementation of the experience gained in development.