Demand-driven systems for dredgers

For applications on dredgers and cutter suction dredgers (CSD), VULKAN offers tailormade systems consisting of MESLU clutches and flexible RATO couplings.

Classic diesel-mechanical dredgers are usually powered by four-stroke diesel engines. The propulsion system of the dredging vessel is usually driven by the flywheel side of the engine, while on the front side a dredging pump is mechanically driven or a large generator produces electricity for the dredging pump units. The direct pump drive at the front of the engine or the propulsion system can each be switched on or off via MESLU clutches combined with flexible RATO couplings.

For this application, VULKAN offers the MESLU clutch system, a torsionally rigid double taper friction coupling combined with a flexible RATO coupling.

Here, the MESLU clutch system enables load-free start-up of the diesel engine and smooth engagement of the pumps at operating speed. In the event of thermal overloads or limit violations in the drive train, an internal monitoring unit detects these irregularities and disengages the system for your protection.

With a wide product range that includes shift couplings and highly flexible couplings, VULKAN can offer the best solution for all dredger applications.

In diesel-electric powered dredgers and cutter suction dredgers (CSD), high power generators are driven directly or via a gearbox by the diesel engines. For these generator systems VULKAN offers the flexible RATO couplings.

The pump systems are then each driven by high power electric motors, which are equipped with MESLU clutch systems and a flexible RATO coupling.

The essential function of the MESLU clutch is to protect the drive train against overload at nominal speed and power. In case of blockages, the clutch disengages the drive train and separates the pump and the electric motor from each other, so that the blocked drive train is not damaged by the rotational inertia of the electric motors.

Particularly in the case of cutter head drives, which run under an inclination of up to approx. 60° due to the system, high demands are placed on the drive train. Modern MESLU clutch systems with flexible RATO couplings help to protect the drive train, primarily the gears, from overloads and irregular shock loads.