Comfortable drive units for yachts

Generally speaking, pleasure boats are characterized by drive units optimized particularly for comfort and noise reduction. The drive engines used for these applications are characterized by a high power density combined with low engine weight. In conjunction with this lightweight construction, high demands are placed on optimum torsional vibration behavior, as well as the misalignment capacity of flexible couplings.

VULKAN provides an optimum product portfolio for these applications, comprising elastic mounts for engines and gearboxes, highly flexible couplings between engine and gearbox, couplings on the propeller shaft optimized for misalignment or noise reduction, together with special mounts for the engine’s exhaust pipes.  

Optimum operation of the drive unit
Mega yachts, predominantly located in the luxury sector, make particularly high demands on the drive unit’s running behavior. In most cases, high-performance, fast-running, but lightweight construction four-stroke diesel engines are used to drive propellers or water jets. This and other characteristics of shipbuilding require the use of specially adapted, power dense, high misalignment and structure-borne noise reducing coupling solutions, often combined with weight-optimized shafts. For this application as well, VULKAN enable the optimum operation of the drive unit through components adapted to one another, such as highly flexible RATO S, RATO R and VULKARDAN F couplings, elastic mounts and composite shafts.