Reliable drive systems for the sugar and ethanol process

Industrial drive solutions of VULKAN have been setting standards in terms of performance and reliability in the harshest conditions. High speed and low speed couplings, service and emergency braking systems, backstops, rail clamps and resilient mounts are all available from a single source - perfectly integrated and perfectly in interaction - as a standard solution as well as individually engineered. This guarantees an optimally tuned system environment and saves time and money in the selection of the supplier and in the coordination of the project.


The technology of sugar and ethanol production can be divided in the following main processes:

  • raw material reception / preparation / mill
  • treatment of the sugarcane juice / bagasse / molasses
  • sugar refinery
  • ethanol destillery
  • utilities
  • effluents disposal
  • final products stock

Cane bagasse as a clean fuel

Through all of these processes VULKAN solutions can be applied. In addition, our solutions are also applied at Bioenergy: In the sugar and ethanol process, for instance, the canebagasse is the main clean fuel to the cogeneration system, that occurs by the burn and steam generation during its process. So, the bagasse is converted to an intermediate product that will be used at the turbine to generate energy, and it is exactly at the drive of the turbine that we can add value to the process with our high performance flexible membrane couplings that suit all need of performance and safety of the complete drive/driven machinery.