Cardan Shaft CouplingVULKARDAN P

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When the driven machine is not in line with the prime mover or when long distances have to be bridged, cardan shafts are used. With a diesel engine as the prime mover, a highly flexible coupling will be required for shifting resonances and damping of torsional vibration. This coupling protects the cardan shaft and the driven machinery from inadmissible vibratory loads. The highly flexible VULKARDAN P couplings have been specifically developed for application in conjunction with cardan shafts. The main components of the VULKARDAN P coupling are the highly flexible element and the inner and outer couplings parts supported against each other. The elements have a high torsional flexibility and good damping properties. On to the support additional damping is achieved


  • Customised for use as a clutch in Cardan shafts
  • The short and compact design results in only minor loads on the crankshaft even with large bending angles of the Cardan shafts
  • The coupling elements have high torsional elasticity and good damping characteristics for maximum protection of the System

Technical Data

  • Torque Range TKN [kNm]
    0.32 kNm - 31.50 kNm


Flexibly mounted engines