Highly Flexible CouplingVULKARDAN F

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The VULKARDAN F is the successor of the well-established VULKARDAN E and complements the VULKAN highly flexible couplings product portfolio below the RATO R torque range. In comparison to similar couplings the VULKARDAN F is characterized by a very compact design, resulting in a weight reduction and a very short installed length. Furthermore, the optimized design of the element increases the heat dissipation considerably which results in high power loss. Accordingly, VULKARDAN F highly flexible couplings can also be installed in applications with high alternating torques, and temperature induced ageing processes are efficiently reduced.
The VULKARDAN F is suitable for flexibly mounted drive systems and makes it possible to compensate radial, axial and angular offsets by using a very soft element in combination with a high-performance membrane. The VULKARDAN F is available in four rubber qualities, as well as in silicone, enabling a perfect torsional tuning of the drive train. With its torsial highly flexible elements, the VULKARDAN F is specially designed to avoid gearbox rattling sound in small gearboxes. In addition, a modular tuning mass is available which can be attached after the installation of the coupling to achieve the highest comfort requirements.


  • Compact and short-build design for the smallest possible space requirements and easy handling. Vulkardan F rubber and silicone couplings achieve effective vibration protection and high displacement capacity, which guarantees the protection of connected machinery and therefore the highest system availability
  • Low weight for the protection of engine bearings and reduction of service costs
  • Optional tuning mass used for a subsequent fine-tuning and achievement of the highest possible comfort
  • Due to the high permanent power loss, Vulkardan F highly flexible couplings are suitable for all propulsion and generator applications
  • For high performing transmissions: Highest torsional flexibility for an efficient avoidance of gearbox rattling sounds especially for size F50 and smaller

Technical Data

  • Torque Range TKN [kNm]
    5.20 kNm - 32.50 kNm
  • Speed range [1/min]
    2,100.00 RPM - 2,750.00 RPM


Free standing installations especially flexibly mounted installations for main propulsion, auxiliary and power generation.

The assembly of the VULKARDAN F comes with an innovative, weight- and assembly time-saving approach. The alignment tools – three lever – properly align the coupling in an easy way even in flexible mounted engines.