Highly Flexible CouplingVULKARDAN E

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The VULKARDAN E coupling is a highly-flexible natural rubber torsional coupling for free standing installations. The VULKARDAN E is optimized to compensate radial misalignments and is able to give the best performance especially in flexible mounted engine installations. By a connection with a spline, an additional series of the VULKARDAN E designed for bellhousing applications is available. Four natural rubber qualities are available in order to tune the coupling to the various system requirements. As an alternative, elements in silicone with a progressive stiffness characteristic and for high temperature applications are available.


  • Vulkarden E highly flexible rubber couplings provide efficient damping of torsional vibration balances out shock impacts as well as radial, axial and angular displacements
  • A high level of flexibility in the solution by natural rubber and silicone versions
  • Effective vibration damping and high displacement capacity ensure protection and therefore availability of the drive, while the plug-in design of the highly elastic coupling enhances ease of assembly in bell-shaped housings

Technical Data

  • Torque Range TKN [kNm]
    0.21 kNm - 26.00 kNm
  • Speed range [1/min]
    1,900.00 RPM - 7,500.00 RPM


Freestanding engines, flexibly mounted engines, bell housing installations.