Resilient MountsVD Series

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The rubber elements of the VD Series vibration isolation mounts bear the load with a combination of shear and compression strain, as a result of which you get optimal vibration-insulated performance of the machine mounted. The stability is ensured by the ratio of stiffness in the three load directions.
The top metallic cover protects the rubber element against ozone, UV radiation, fuel or oil. Impurities from these substances may cause considerable damage to the natural rubber. Deployment is intended for ambient temperatures ranging from -20 °C to +70 °C.
The top metallic cover of the VD Series has a centralised limiter for portable applications and restricts the vertical upward movements. The VD-S series is suitable for permanently stationary applications.


  • Resilient mounts for marine engines and gearboxes.
  • Linear stiffness characteristic in the nominal load range.
  • Internal safety device to protect the system in extreme conditions.
  • Type approval by leading classification companies.

Technical Data

  • Nominal load range [kN]
    0.75 - 25.00 kN


Anti-vibration rubber mounts for generators, pumps, compressors and fans.