Resilient MountsT Series

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The highly elastic rubber engine mounts of the T Series have been specifically developed in compliance with the most stringent requirements with respect to insulation and comfort. At the same time they offer a high degree of safety with their versatile designs. The elastic rubber element works in shear and compression, ensuring stability and insulation of the suspended equipment. Several rubber compounds are available, as a result of which optimal adjustment of the vibration response of the mounted machine can be ensured. All mounts have a built-in, centralised limiter that restricts vertical and radial displacement. The centralised limiter protects the important connections of the system against extreme displacement that occur owing to the ship’s movements. Available in several versions and compounds in order to meet the application requirements.


  • Flexible rubber isolation marine engine mounts
  • Highly elastic rubber mounts with linear stiffness, characteristic of the nominal load range.
  • Low natural frequency
  • Wide load range
  • Internal safety device to protect the system in extreme conditions.
  • Type approval by leading classification companies.

Technical Data

  • Nominal load range [kN]
    4.00 - 128.00 kN


Marine engines, marine and stationary generators, e-motors, compressors etc.

The installation of VULKAN’s T Series in HA DS version comes with a time saving, low creep and maximum lifetime approach. No special tools are required and apply any chocking method of choice.