RotaChock BasicLine

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RotaChock is a rigid and adjustable chock designed for mounting rotating equipment with precision. Developed through a combination of engineering expertise and practical field experience, RotaChock offers a robust and reliable solution to solve Soft-Foot problems.
Featuring a center hole design, RotaChock securely clamps the machine foot, the chock itself, and the top plate of the foundation using the foundation bolt. This ensures a rigid and secure connection. When realignment is required, simply loosen the foundation bolts and make adjustments to the RotaChock, achieving the desired alignment. Compared to other chocking solutions, this adjustable feature sets RotaChock apart, providing significant time-saving benefits.


  • The best rigid chock to prevent Soft-Foot
  • With RotaChock you will always have the possibility to readjust your alignment
  • It’s user friendly – no special training or tools are required
  • Standard design with adjustability range, engineering free
  • RotaChock saves time over epoxy resins and steel-fitted chocks
  • Type Approved by leading classification societies

Technical Data

  • Nominal load [kN]
    2,000.00 N


Rigid mounting solution for all rotating equipment in both marine/industry like engines, turbines, compressors, E-motors, gearboxes, generators, bearing, pumps etc.