Rail clamps

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Rail anchors as parking brakes
VULKAN rail anchors are used as parking brakes for rail connected equipment used in harsh and windy operating environments. Rail anchors are failsafe brakes with spring operation and hydraulic brake release. They are designed for lateral clamping on rails with additional installation options (front and overhead installation), including hydraulic units.

Rail anchor design
VULKAN rail anchors have a flexible structure to prevent unnecessary friction on the rails and a safe rail clamping jaws system. The clamping status is monitored to prevent unintentional release.

Rail anchor benefits:

  • Clamping force up to 400 kN
  • Long continuous static opening without activating the motor pump
  • Redundant pressure switch to prevent malfunctions
  • Suitable for all rail profiles
  • Front or overhead attachment
  • With and without hydraulic unit

Technical Data

  • Braking Force [N]