Pneumatic BrakePneumatic disc brake

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Pneumatic disc brake as operating, parking and emergency brakes
VULKAN pneumatic disc brakes are designed for light and medium heavy fields of application, in particular tension brakes and all areas where general proportional brakes are essential.

Pneumatic disc brake versions
VULKAN pneumatic disc brakes are available as positive brakes (pneumatically actuated, spring ventilated) and negative brakes (spring-loaded actuation, pneumatically ventilated) and with one or two springs and comprehensive accessories including sensor for braking status, brake pads with wear sensor and pneum. control panel for setting the proportional braking torque.

Pneumatic disc brake application
They are used as operating, parking and emergency brakes for high or low speed applications which require a proportionally controlled braking force and large braking disc distance.


  • Failsafe brakes
  • Precise braking control
  • No friction pad wear readjustment
  • Wide choice of control options
  • Configurable for different applications
  • Pressure cylinder available for right or left installation

Technical Data

  • Nominal braking torque [Nm]
    20.00 Nm - 27,920.00 Nm


  • Different pressure cylinders are available
  • Designed for different degrees of thickness of brake disks
  • Complete brake system with monitoring sensors, controllers, brakes, discs and interconnections is available