Flexible Shafting / Flex-LineN-FLEX

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The new VULKAN N-Flex® drive shaft is based on the patented NEMOS technology featuring a design consisting of fiber-reinforced composite and elastomer material. It offers a unique combination of torsional elasticity and high displacement capacity in one single component. The N-Flex® combines the functions of elastic couplings and drive shafts, reducing the number of components and mass of the driveline. ​
Technology: Unidirectional glass fibers are arranged in two layers of composite coils, transmitting the torque of the drive train. The outer set of coils is purely tension-loaded while the inner coils are compression-loaded, resulting in radial and axial equilibrium of forces. The composite coils of each layer are decoupled by gaps, the outer and inner layer are decoupled by high-performance elastomer material. This allows the coils to remain bending compliant which enables the entire shaft to be flexible in multiple directions. Additionally, the decoupling induces a virtually unidirectional transmission of the torque through the composite coils which means that high strains can be applied resulting in an excellent torsional elasticity of the N-Flex® drive shaft.​
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  • High torsional elasticity
  • High flexibility in axial, radial, and angular direction
  • Maintenance free
  • Good structure-borne noise isolation
  • Weight reduction
  • Low reaction forces
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Long unsupported shafts
  • Customized design possible

Technical Data

  • Torque Range TKN [kNm]
    1.00 kNm - 20.00 kNm


Marine Applications, Industrial Applications