Hydraulic Disc Brake

Fail-safe and positive brake, available in either mono-spring or dual spring design. Can be customised with a wide range of accessories including brake status sensors, pads wearing sensor and five different types of hydraulic power packs to tune the proportional braking of the callipers.

Technical Data

  • Nominal braking torque [Nm]
    1,150.00 kNm - 622,050.00 kNm


  • Service, parking and emergency brakes for either high speed shaft or low speed shaft applications requiring proportional braking or high braking torque values.


  • Fail-safe brake
  • Proportional braking capacity
  • High braking force capacity

Tailor-made Solutions

  • Brake and pads monitoring status available
  • Possibility of installation on any disc diameter and thickness
  • Digital proportional braking system control unit


  • Mono and dual spring design
  • Six different hydraulic power pack units
  • Lining wear compensation System