Hydraulic BrakeHydraulic disc brake

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Hydraulic disc brake as operating, parking and emergency brake
VULKAN hydraulic brakes are available as positive brakes (hydraulically actuated, spring ventilated) negative brakes (spring-loaded actuation, hydraulically ventilated) and with a spring or floating brake disc or with two springs and fixed brake disc. The VULKAN portfolio includes a wide choice of brake calipers with complete accessories, including hydraulic unit, electronic control and special electronics unit which continuously monitors the conveyor system speed and adjusts as required. The VULKAN range also includes different hydraulic units with various functions: from the simple CH1 circuit “ON/OFF” to the CH6 sophisticated digital proportional braking system which can be adapted to customer requirements.

Hydraulic disc brake design
VULKAN hydraulic disc brakes are failsafe positive brakes available in single or double spring versions and with a comprehensive range of accessories, including position detection sensor and pad wear control including 5 different hydraulic units for brake caliper proportional adjustment. A range of pressure cylinder options are available. The hydraulic disc brake is available for different brake disc thicknesses and can be supplied as a complete unit.


  • Failsafe brakes
  • Proportional braking action
  • High braking force
  • Brake and brake pad monitoring available
  • All disc diameters and strengths can be installed
  • Digital control of proportional braking system

Technical Data

  • Nominal braking torque [Nm]
    1,150.00 Nm - 622,050.00 Nm


  • Service, parking and emergency brakes for either high speed shaft or low speed shaft applications requiring proportional braking or high braking torque values.