High Deflection MountsHD Series

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The heavy duty vibration damping mounts of the HD Series have been developed for impact-insulating applications and are particularly suitable for ship drives, diesel generators and heavy machines, where a high level of insulation against low-frequency vibrations is necessary. The HD Mount Series provides dynamic compression of +/-140 mm. As a result, the input stresses on the drive system caused by the impact are reduced to a large extent. Based on the high volume of natural rubber, the HD Mount Series is particularly suitable for applications in which a high level of structureborne sound insulation is required.
The HD Vibration Isolation Mount Series is available in versions with different stiffnesses in order to achieve optimal adjustment to the vibrational response.


  • Heavy duty vibration isolation dampener mounts offer higher degree of insulation against low-frequency vibrations in propulsion systems in ships
  • Excellent insulation against structure-borne noise
  • Outstanding impact-insulating characteristics
  • Linear stiffness characteristic to a large extent
  • Type approval by leading classification companies

Technical Data

  • Nominal load range [kN]
    2.50 - 78.10 kN


Drives on ships, diesel generators and heavy machines

Vibration isolation dampener mounts for propulsion systems in ships, diesel generators and heavy machines