Highly Flexible CouplingEZR

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EZR – Highly torsionally flexible rubber fabric coupling for industrial applications
The EZR highly flexible coupling is an all-round flexible rubber fabric coupling. Woven fabric ensures excellent solidity. They can be used wherever a flexible connection is required between two approximately coaxial rotating machine parts.

EZR design
The EZR flexible element design with progressive rigidity properties improves coordination of resonance frequencies and consequently dynamic loads – in particular in transmissions and shafting. Woven synthetic fabric ensures excellent solidity. The coupling’s modular design allows it to be adapted to various connectors. The EZR also features outstanding shock absorbing properties.

Technical Data

  • Torque Range TKN [kNm]
    12.50 kNm - 250.00 kNm
  • Speed range [1/min]
    1,080.00 RPM - 2,720.00 RPM


  • High Speed Shaft of machinery driven by diesel engines is subjected to high displacements and shock loads.


  • High torsional vibrations isolation degree
  • High misalignment capacity with low reaction forces
  • Electrical isolation property

Tailor-made Solutions

  • Customisation of all metal parts
  • Tuning of the coupling by use of elements with different levels of stiffness