Electrohydraulic BrakeElectrohydraulic drum brake

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Electrohydraulic drum brake as operating and holding brake
If the operating brake is not often required for maneuvering, an ELECTROHYDRAULIC BRAKE can be used, available as a drum brake with spring operation and electrohydraulic brake release. ELECTROHYDRAULIC BRAKES from VULKAN are failsafe and require no separate power supply for the brake calipers – another economic benefit. Electrohydraulic brakes from VULKAN are spring operated and electrohydraulically ventilated (acc. to DIN 15430). The electrohydraulic brake ventilator can be fitted with delay valves for soft braking.

Customized solutions for different requirements
The product range is available with 7 different brake ventilators and 8 drum configurations. This ensures that every brake caliper can be set up with the right braking parameters. The nominal braking torque on each brake can also be adjusted manually on site. VULKAN offers a range of options for specific customer requirements: Automatic wear compensation for brake pads, brake position sensors, warning sensors for worn brake pads, automatic or manual brake ventilation and brake pads made from organic materials.


  • Failsafe brake
  • Easy, quick installation on site
  • Complies with standard DIN 15430
  • Versions for left and right side installation
  • Brake and brake pad monitoring available
  • Brake torque alignment

Technical Data

  • Nominal braking torque [Nm]
    120.00 Nm - 7,000.00 Nm


  • Service and parking brakes for high speed shaft applications, such as belt conveyors, cranes, etc.


  • Available in either disc or drum configuration
  • Modular design to fit different thrusters into the same caliper
  • Automatic lining wear compensation system