Electrohydraulic BrakeElectrohydraulic Disc Brake

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Electro hydraulic disc brake as operating brake for applications with a high number of movements
FEHD Generation 2, the new generation of electrohydraulic brakes from VULKAN offers a range of benefits in operating efficiency, maintenance and competitiveness.
They are commonly used as operating brakes in applications with a high number of movements. Electrohydraulic brakes features spring operation and electrohydraulic brake release with three phase power supply (220, 380 or 440 VAC). The version complies with DIN 15433 part 2 and DIN 15430 and meets European Commission Machinery Directive requirements.


  • Maximum efficiency: minimum power loss per mm brake lining wear
  • New system to ensure uniform distance between brake pads and disc
  • New automatic system to recover the distance between pad and disc; no manual readjustment require
  • New brake arm design
  • Easy braking force adjustment
  • Manual unlocking lever with locking system in brake open position
  • Electrical grounding to standards: NR-10, NR-12, NBR-5410 and IEC-60204-2

Technical Data

  • Nominal braking torque [Nm]
    100.00 Nm - 29,910.00 Nm


  • EOT Cranes: bogie longitudinal and transversal travel, with proportional braking Option
  • Mills
  • Furnace positioning
  • Car dumper System
  • Construction machinery