The new generation of VULKAN Electrohydraulic Brakes, the FEHD generation 2, brings countless benefits in terms of operating efficiency, maintenance and competitiveness.
Traditionally used as a service brake in applications that require a high number of maneuvers. Electrohydraulic Brakes are spring applying and electrohydraulic released with threephase power (220, 380 or 440 VAC). The design is according to the standards DIN 15.433 part 2, DIN 15.430 and follows the requirements of the European Commission Machinery Directive.

Technical Data

  • Nominal braking torque [Nm]
    100.00 kNm - 29,910.00 kNm


  • EOT Cranes: bogie longitudinal and transversal travel, with proportional braking Option
  • Mills
  • Furnace positioning
  • Car dumper System
  • Yard machinery


  • Highest efficiency: lowest loss of power per millimeter of pad worn-out
  • New system to guarantee even balance clearance between pads and Disc
  • New automatic pads clearance recovery system, without manual adjustement requirement
  • New brake arms design
  • Easy brake force setting
  • Manual unblock lever with locking system to brake opening position
  • Electrical grounding according to the standards: NR-10, NR-12, NBR-5410 and IEC-60204-1