Driveline ComponentsComposite Shafting

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The composite drive shaft system consists of the VULKAN COMPOSITE SHAFTS with steel end fittings, steel intermediate shafts with bearings, bulkhead seals and appropriate misalignment couplings like METAFLEX, METADISC or VULKAN steel membranes. VULKAN COMPOSITE SHAFTS can also be combined with all types of VULKAN highly flexible couplings.
The VULKAN COMPOSITE SHAFTS are made from filament winding technique with Epoxy resins and carbon or glass fibers reinforcement. They are available in a torque range from 5 to 800 kNm, diameters from 170 to 670 mm and lengths up to 12 m. Depending on the operational shaft speed and the respective critical speed of the composite drive shaft, long bearing distances can be bridged. VULKAN COMPOSITE SHAFTS are available in high torque capacity (T) or in high bending stiffness (B) execution.
Basically the manufacturing technique allows the production of VULKAN COMPOSITE SHAFTS with diameter up to 1500 mm and length up to 20 m. Thus shafts for special projects can be offered with nominal torque up to 5000 kNm. VULKAN CS-Systems are supplied with certificates of all international Classification Societies.


  • High level of stiffness and strength at low material density for efficient and weight optimized propulsion systems
  • Flexible system solutions: VULKAN COMPOSITE DRIVE SHAFTS with integrated highly flexible couplings
  • Engineering service for the product: project-specific construction with all required calculations

Technical Data

  • Torque Range TKN [kNm]
    5.00 kNm - 800.00 kNm


Marine applications - all kind of ship drive lines.