Diesel-Mechanic Drive with Long Shaftings

A common arrangement of propulsion systems for offshore supply and anchor handling tugs is a four-stroke diesel engine with a long high-speed shaft driving a controllable pitch propeller via a reduction gear, thus providing sufficient installation space to provide a platform at the stern of the vessel. The VULKAN composite shaft is ideally suited for this bridging of long distances without the need to install additional bearings. This classic drive concept requires careful torsional vibration tuning by means of a highly flexible coupling both in the main drive train between the diesel engine and the main gearbox and in the high-speed PTO train.

Diesel-Electric Offshore Vessel

Up to 7,000 operating hours per year, high performance requirements and the greatest possible maneuverability - these are the demands made of work boats. In order to meet these demands, diesel-electric drive systems, in conjunction with steering propeller drives, are more and more frequently being used with these kinds of ships. In diesel engines drive generators, the generated energy is used to drive electric motors that in turn drive the corresponding rotatable steering propeller drive.

Diesel-Mechanic Four-Stroke Drive

As well as general cargo ships and bulk cargo ships, tankers and container ships, heavy-lift vessels also use medium-sized, single-engine units with high-volume, medium-fast running four-stroke diesel engines, which drive a controllable pitch propeller (CPP) via a reduction gear. The CPP is necessary as most of these units also drive a generator via gearbox PTO from the main gearbox. This classic drive design requires careful adjustment of rotational vibration by means of a highly flexible coupling in the main drive line, between the diesel engine and the main transmission, as well as in the fast-running PTO line.

Multi-Engine, Diesel-Mechanic Four-Stroke Drive

The breaking of ice of up to one meter in thickness during continuous sailing, the ramming of large blocks of ice - these are the highest requirements that are placed on the drive unit. This is particularly valid for the engines, transmissions, as well as the highly flexible couplings. Here, VULKAN provides the ideal products with the RATO S, RATO S+ or RATO R couplings, which can cope with these high requirements. The RATO R couplings used here not only protect the drive unit from harmful vibrations, but also protect the diesel engine’s crankshafts from impact shock loads, which are unavoidable during hard operation. A great part of the impact energy is hereby absorbed by the couplings.