Pilot project: Composite shafts for “MARIMAR XIX"


The Shipyard: INACE / Brazil

The challenge:

In cooperation with local subsidiary VULKAN do Brasil in Itatiba VULKAN has fitted the drive of the Brazilian offshore supply ship "MARIMAR XIX" of the Brazilian shipyard INACE with composite shafts, highly flexible couplings and elastic mounts.

The powerful drive of the "MARIMAR XIX" is supplied by Sotreq, the biggest Caterpillar dealer in Brazil. The two Caterpillar type C32 Acert engines each have a power of 1450 BHP at 2100 rpm.

The Solution:

Displacement between the elastically mounted engine/transmission block and the water jets is absorbed by means of robust VULKAN METAFLEX type W012R flexible couplings with ultra-light VULKAN composite intermediate shafts with a nominal diameter of 152 mm. The engine and transmission are coupled by means of the highly flexible coupling VULASTIK L.

For the "MARIMAR XIX", VULKAN also supplied the technology for a "floating floor" in the passenger compartment. The vibrations from the engine room are reduced by 444 type VD elastic mounts with a distribution of five dampers per square metre.

The Benefits:

VULKAN composite shafts consist of wound carbon fibre or glass fibre composite materials and are much lighter than comparable steel shafts. The "MARIMAR XIX" supply ship benefits enormously from the use of VULKAN composite shafts: Thanks to the reduction in weight achieved with them, the authorised speed of the ship can be guaranteed. VULKAN composite shafts have a high critical bending speed, which means that intermediate bearings are usually not necessary, even for long shafts. METAFLEX couplings with composite intermediate shafts are largely homokinetic and thus free of the usual second order reaction forces of a cardan shaft, they are free of play, independent of rotation direction and simple to install.

Further Benefit: The complete solution provider VULKAN not only worked to adapt the drive optimally to torsional vibration conditions in the "MARIMAR XIX", but also to protect people and equipment from disruptive engine vibrations. As well as noise for crew and passengers, which can be damaging to health in the long term, these vibrations can also cause serious damage to the drive system. Elastic mounts by VULKAN insulate structure-borne noise in a highly efficient manner and thus prevent both damaging vibrations and unnecessary noise.

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