Solutions for shock- and noise-sensitive drives

In addition to high shock resistance, the noise behavior of the drive is of great importance for naval vessels. VULKAN offers a wide product portfolio for these special requirements: couplings, shaft lines and mounts for gearboxes, quillshaft, electric engines, cabinets, multi purpose floating floors,​ diesel engines & gensets​ 

  • Solution provider in naval technologies for the last decades in every kind of navy application (submarine & surface vessels).
  • Specialist for all different kind of drive trains and requirements 

Diesel-mechanic drives

Navy applications of this type place such high demands on the shock resistance and noise behavior of the propulsion system that the use of an elastic mount familiar from commercial ships is not suitable. For this reason, so-called double-elastic mounted propulsion systems are often used here, in which the elastically mounted four-stroke diesel engine is mounted on a base frame together with the rigidly mounted reduction gear. This in turn is elastically mounted on the ship's foundation. In addition to the highly flexible coupling between the main engine and the gearbox, this drive arrangement requires a further coupling behind the gearbox, which must reliably absorb the relative movements between the elastically mounted base frame and the shock-mounted propeller shaft line, even in the event of shock.

Electric motor drives

The classic submarine propulsion system consists of diesel generator sets that either transmit the generated current directly to the electric traction motor (surface operation) or store it in batteries to ensure propulsion even in underwater operation. Requirements are placed on the propulsion systems with regard to shock resistance, a very low noise level; in some cases, the use of materials that influence the locating behavior is also specified. For these drives, VULKAN offers special couplings that have been optimized over the years for high displacement and compact design. These are based on the segmented RATO S/S+, which also meet the requirements for a low noise level.