The TDS Plafrix combines the highly flexible VULASTIK L coupling with a Desch Planox clutch. The VULASTIK L coupling is available in different stiffness ratings so the drive system can be perfectly tuned in terms of torsional vibration. The Planox clutch is a pneumatically actuated clutch. With an operating pressure of 5.5 bar, the clutch has been adjusted to the existing air pressure, eliminating the need for an external compressor.
The torque is transmitted through organically coated dry-friction discs. Thanks to the design and high-performance coating of the surfaces, the number of friction discs can be significantly reduced in comparison with similar products.
A light weight aluminium housing protects the clutch combination and supports the output shaft with an integrated bearing.
The TDS Plafrix was designed specifically for the use in hybrid tugs for medium service operation with bis 4,000 operating hours per year.


  • Low project and life-cycle costs by eliminating oil pumps, hydraulics and oil leakage and by using the ship’s 5.5 bar air pressure system
  • Reduced operating costs due to the minimal number of high-performance friction discs and thus low friction losses
  • Easy installation thanks to the compact design without external units
  • Designed for medium service operation, see technical data for VULASTIK L with 21” connection according to SAE J620

Technical Data

  • Torque Range TKN [kNm]
    11.50 kNm - 14.50 kNm


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